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Blog :: October 2019

Relieving pregnancy stress

14th October 2019

Life stresses can get the better of all of us. Yet, when you are pregnant, you may feel the effects of stress even more when preparing for your new life chapter. Your body is changing and growing a baby can naturally cause your body to feel tired as you get further into your pregnancy experience. Here we advise how you can relieve some stress during pregnancy…

Yoga and meditation

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to stay active whilst pregnant and can improve your posture without putting too much strain on your body. With relaxation and breathing techniques a key part of a yoga session, you can wind down and calm your mind. Yoga has been recognised for reducing anxiety and can even prepare you better for labour. Meanwhile meditation at home can also be great for stress reduction. Mobile apps such as Calm or Headspace can help you zone out from your worries and free your mind. Mindfulness should not be underestimated throughout your pregnancy.

Take a break

You may feel like you have particular tasks to achieve or complete before your baby comes, for example at work or in your home, but try not to push yourself too far. Recognise when you’re tired and listen to your body – take the time out to sit and watch your favourite TV show or pamper yourself when you need to. If you’re also used to being a social butterfly, it isn’t unusual to find yourself struggling to keep up with your busy events diary. Friends and family will understand if you want to ease off from evening dinner dates or Saturday shopping sprees. Relax whilst you can!

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Without sufficient sleep each night, we can feel more stressed by everyday situations. One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is the craving for more sleep, and it’s unsurprising – it’s hard work for your body to grow a baby! You should try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, although this can become more difficult if you are in discomfort towards the third trimester and beyond. Have a warm bath, try a pregnancy pillow and wind down before bed to increase the chance of a good night’s sleep.

Talk to friends and family

It is good to talk! If you have any worries that are causing you stress in your pregnancy, the best thing to do is talk to people you can trust rather than hold it in. Your friends and family are sure to be understanding and offer you help or advice to ease your woes. If you feel that talking to a professional would suit you better, confide in your midwife or GP for support. You are certainly not alone!

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